Why I Share My Life Online.

It probably seems like everyone and his cat is a blogger or vlogger these days. Hundreds and probably thousands "jumping on the band wagon" and sharing their lives for all to see/ read. I am someone who could be put in that category too and so I want to share why I started my blog and youtube channel.




Every parent would agree that it goes by too fast. One day you have given birth to this tiny baby that relies on you for everything, and the next your packing them off to school and in they skip without even giving you a backwards glance.



I am NOT OKAY and thats OKAY | Mental Health Awareness Week

This week is Mental health awareness week. Mental Health is something that I have and struggled with and something I have talked quite openly about here on my little space on the big world wide web.



Vionic Footwear | Spring Collection Review*

As a busy mum of three I am constantly on my feet. If I'm not pacing the pavements with a newborn, in the pram, on the school/ nursery run, rushing round the supermarket or ferrying the kids from one activity to the next, then I am at a playground, soft play you name it. So you could say I rarely get to sit down.



Solo parenting when you are not a solo parent.

Being a parent is hard no matter what shape or form that its done in. If your parenting with a partner, without a partner, family help, friends help, no help, no matter what its hard! I feel that society in general ( I am not speaking for everyone here) categorises parents in two ways. A single parent or a non single parent. But what about the people who don't fit "the norm". I am one of those parents that don't fit in to either of those completely.

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